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General Meeting

Our 2024 General Meeting was once again held in person, together with an open day, on Saturday, June 8, 2024, from 2.30 p.m. in the cafeteria of the Carl Gustav Carus Institute.

The subsequent open day, which we organized in cooperation with Abnoba GmbH, was well attended. Many interested people came, especially patients. There were many opportunities to talk to us during the guided tours of our laboratories, the lectures and other presentations, e.g. of the collections. We also took care of your physical well-being. The guided tours through the production facilities of the neighboring Abnoba GmbH also met with great interest. Here we were able to follow the mistletoe through the various production steps such as extraction, mixing, dilution to the offered concentrations, controls, sterile filling in ampoules, as well as labeling and packaging up to the final product and worldwide distribution.

The evening lecture by Prof. Dr. Roman Huber (University Center for Naturopathy at Freiburg University Hospital) in the Öschelbronn Clinic hall concluded the event with the topic "What is the relevance of mistletoe therapy in today's oncology?" (in German). This lecture is also part of the Öschelbronn Talks lecture series. Prof. Huber - as a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology, he is head of the outpatient clinic for naturopathy - covered a range of topics from the special features of the medicinal plant mistletoe, its ingredients and effects, combined with his own research work, through to its use, the study situation and reimbursement issues. At the beginning of his lecture, he, who himself worked as a doctor at the Öschelbronn Clinic for a long time, went into the Öschelbronn beginnings of mistletoe research at the Carl Gustav Carus Institute and the frequency of use of mistletoe preparations in oncology. The focus was of course on the therapy of patients differentiated according to tumor type, stage of the disease and type of application of mistletoe preparations, whereby Prof. Huber did not omit the new immunotherapies and new clinical studies. Due to the extraordinarily informative content of the lecture and the easy-to-understand presentation based on the speaker's extensive therapeutic experience, a long discussion developed, which showed the very strong interest in the topic, especially from affected patients.

Like all previous evening lectures since 2018, there will also be a written version of this lecture in the Akzenten.

The next general meeting together with an open day is scheduled to take place in July 2025. The exact date will be announced here as soon as possible.



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