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Inauguration ceremony of the new building of the Carl Gustav Carus Institute together with ABNOBA on 03.07.2022

After a very smooth move in November 2020, we had hoped to celebrate our inauguration in May 2021. Due to the very strict lockdown in 2021, this hope had unfortunately not been fulfilled, and it was unfortunately not possible to plan an inauguration celebration and invite guests with sufficient advance notice for the entire year 2021. However, the wait was worth it. So on 3 July 2022, in glorious sunshine, we were able to present our now well-furnished and busy new building to our members, friends, important companions and the interested public.

Opening speech by Ulrike Brandauer, board member of our association, in our festival tent next to the new building.

In the speeches it was expressed that it is a great joy for the doctors, pharmacists and patients working with us that this building is now dedicated to anthroposophic pharmacy and especially to cancer therapy.

Happy about the opening of the new building, from left: Michel Barkhoff, Managing Director of ABNOBA GmbH, Dr Gero Leneweit, Director of the Carus Institute, Ulrike Brandauer with Prof. Dr Walter Hutter, both board members of the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Krebstherapie e.V. (Society for the Promotion of Cancer Therapy), Jürgen Kurz, former mayor of Niefern-Öschelbronn, who actively supported the start of the building planning.

Over 500 people visited us on the day! There were continuous guided tours through our new building showing the whole process of producing the cancer medicinal product abnobaVISCUM - from the storage of the harvest material to the clean rooms for the production of the extracts, the flow process and filling into ampoules after sterile filtration, through quality control to packaging and distribution. In our research institute we have now set up permanent exhibitions on the natural kingdoms: the colloid formations in the mineral kingdom, the principles of formation in the plant kingdom with a focus on mistletoe, and the animal kingdom for understanding humans and cancer development.

In our laboratory we were able to give our visitors an insight into our current research work. We were also particularly interested in giving children and young people an insight into research. On this day, our young visitors were able to carry out experiments themselves.

The inauguration was an important event for all employees. On the one hand, it helped to present the set-up of our scientific workplaces to our guests in the best possible form and to complete the very elaborate construction of our exhibition. In addition, presenting our work together significantly strengthened the feeling of "we", the cohesion and our own appreciation for our very high-quality building. Thus, this day really completed the move into the new premises. The interest and appreciation of our guests clearly motivated all employees to continue working with full commitment for cancer therapy.

General Meeting of the Geseelschaft zur Förderung der Krebstherapie e.V. (Society for the Promotion of Cancer Therapy)

We are rescheduling the general meeting planned for 2 July 2022 to Saturday 8 October 2022. We will hold it as an online event (German language). We will announce details here in good time.



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