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Pharmaceutical process engineering

With the help of pharmaceutical technological processes, substances, especially from plants, are prepared in such a way that they can be safely used as medicines for humans. Pharmaceutical process engineering is a science that is intended to improve the knowledge of the development, production, analysis and quality control/assurance of medicinal products so that effective and safe products for the health care of patients are also available in the future.


The primary aim of our department is the further development of pharmaceutical flow processes for the production of liposomal mistletoe preparations for modern cancer therapy. In this therapy, the cytotoxic properties as well as the immune-stimulating and fever-inducing properties of mistletoe are to be optimally applied. Many years of experience in mistletoe therapy show that complete tumour remission could be achieved for a larger number of patients when it was possible to apply high-dose intratumoral injections of mistletoe preparations. Unfortunately, intratumoral application is only practically feasible in a few cases. In addition, retrospective analyses have shown that acute febrile illnesses are prognostically favourable for the chances of recovery and overall survival in case of cancer.

Based on the aforementioned therapeutic experiences, the following concept was developed for the pharmaceutics of mistletoe preparations:


Scientific questions and technological developments of our research projects:


All experimental work is carried out in close cooperation with universities and using state-of-the-art experimental methods and measuring equipment in our own laboratories or in the laboratories of our cooperation partners.

For the development of research concepts, it is a particular concern of the Carl Gustav Carus Institut to take up the holistic approach introduced by J.W. Goethe. R. Steiner follows Goethe in the epistemological rationale of the humanities. In various research projects work is being done to obtain principles for pharmaceutical processes for the production of mistletoe preparations through a synopsis of the individual phenomena:



In the field of pharmaceutical process engineering there is intensive cooperation with the following partner institutions:

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