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Preliminary remarks

The photos and videos on this homepage are our property. You are welcome to use them for private purposes. If you wish to use or publish them for commercial purposes, you should ask us in advance.

Flight with a drone over the new building in August 2021, 9 months after moving und starting our work in new premises.

A drone flight video from August 2021 shows our new building from above 9 months after our move and start of work in new premises, embedded in the "area at Eichhof", which includes the Carl Gustav Carus Institute and Abnoba GmbH, the Johanneshaus and the Öschelbronn Clinic with their old and new buildings. You can watch this video (app. 1.5 min) here.

Short video-tour of the new building 3-4 months after the move.

Here you can watch the 4min-video (German).

The development of mistletoe over the course of the year

In time-lapse scenes you can follow the development of a mistletoe plant over a period of 5 years.

The filming of this film began in spring 1976, when mistletoe berries were transferred to apple trees planted in containers in the greenhouse (cold house). With the help of hourly individual shots with 16 mm film cameras, starting with the attachment of the embryos, their germination, the further development of the mistletoe plant was documented in its various stages, each over several years, up its final shape and the ripening of the berries. The film material available at the Institute was subsequently edited into this 7.5 min video in 2021.

You can watch the video here.


From our current collection of mistletoe photos, which we are constantly adding to, we present a selection here. We have made postcards of the top 3 photos, which we will be happy to send you on request - in return for a donation to our work - in limited quantities.

You can also ask us for further mistletoe motifs.


Photo 1: Bee on male mistletoe blossom (apple tree) in March


Photo 2. Mistletoe berries (apple tree) in December


Photo 3: Male mistletoe on apple tree in January



Photo 4: Mistletoe embryo hanging from a slime thread on the branch of an apple tree in April



Photo 5: Mistletoe in the juvenile stage from hawthorn in February



Photo 6: Male mistletoe blooming on an apple tree in February


Photo 7: Female mistletoe plant on an apple tree in October


Photo 8: Mistletoe on a flowering apple tree in April


Photo 9: Spherical shrub of a female mistletoe on an apple tree in April


Photo 10: Mistletoe embryos on an apple tree branch in March


Photo 11: Mistletoe on a flowering ornamental apple in April


Photo 12: Female mistletoe on an apple tree in January


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