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We conduct interdisciplinary research for an effective cancer therapy for the benefit of the patients. What does this mean? Of central importance is research into whiteberried mistletoe (Viscum album L.), the development of pharmaceutical processes and the scientific support and monitoring of the use of mistletoe preparations in cancer therapy. These tasks require a comprehensive understanding of nature and man beyond the direct research of disease, medicl plants and their pharmaceutics. This results in an interdisciplinary cooperation between physicians and pharmacists, biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers as well as an intensive exchange with renowned European universities.

Left: Mistletoe plant, budding in June; right: shoots, leaves and berries of female mistletoe harvested in winter (recognisable by the ripe white berries), harvested material stored in liquid nitrogen, freshly thawed and shortly before extraction.


Left: the "green mistletoe juice", the mother tincture for Abnobaviscum, the green to yellow-green colour is characteristic for the high concentrations of these extracts; for more details see www.abnoba.de; right: courses of fever after subcutaneous high-dose mistletoe injection in 28 mistletoe-first treated patients, mean curve shown in bold, for more details see Penter R. et al.: Der Merkurstab 55, 2002, 330 - 349. 


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