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Research methods

Interdisciplinary cooperation in modern, well-equipped laboratories provides scientists with a secure factual basis through substance analyses, drug preparations, innovative technology developments and preclinical research. The experimental research projects are initiated and accompanied by the development of ideal concepts and the investigation of systemic relationships. The Institute´s staff is guided by the methodical approach of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his scientific work. This methodology is to be practiced with today's scientific possibilities. In doing so, open, developable, innovative scientific ideas are worked out from exact, empirical phenomenology. Anthroposophy can support this type of science by training of perception, thinking, feeling and will potential.


Left: pendulum movements of young mistletoe shoots, here shown during 21 hours, for more details see Göbel Th., Dorka R.: Tycho de Brahe-Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 1986, 167-192, Tycho Brahe Verlag Niefern-Öschelbronn; right: working under a laminar flow bench for sample preparation.

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